One of the biggest questions that we get asked by Nissan 370z customers is "Which exhaust should i buy?" so we have put together a handy guide to the Exhaust options available and other popular mods.

First up is the AAM Nissan 370z Short Tails, these are one of our most popular exhaust options and are a decent upgrade for those who are on a budget. We recommend the resonated short tails for the daily driver as the Non-Resonated are extremely loud and do you give cabin drone and may upset your neighbours, but hey thats up to you!!

Click Here to Check out the AAM Short Tail Exhausts


Next up is the Cobra Sport Half System (Centre and Rear) which is popular due to its price and also comes with a full lifetime warranty. This exhaust adds a bit of volume but not excessive and you will still be able to hear the sound from the HR engine.

Check out the Cobra Half Exhaust System Here

There is also a Full Cat-Back System available which includes the Y-Pipe Section

Click Here for the Full 370Z Cat-Back Exhaust System

Another popular one is the Invidia Gemini, this has a lovely sound and isnt overly loud but comes alive when you press the throttle. We've had this on one of our cars before and it sounded great and if you decide you want extra volume and an even nicer sound, you can alway add High-Flow Catalysts (HFCs), the Invidia Gemini also comes with a choice of tips.

A personal favourite of ours is the ARK Performance GRiP Exhaust, this one is a bit louder than the invidia but isnt overly obtrusive in the cabin. This has a great design and looks and sounds amazing!!!

Check out the Ark Performance GRIP Exhaust System Here


The final exhaust option is the Motordyne Shockwave Exhaust, consider by many to be the creme de la creme of exhausts for the Nissan 350z and 370z. Although this comes with a hefty price tag, the sound, performance and quality is superb.

Other mods that are popular with Nissan 370z owners are High-Flow Catalysts (HFCs), these give the exhaust system better air flow, giving an small increase in power. Cobra HFCs come with a 2 Year Warranty, whereas the others come with 12 months warranty. HFCs will allow you to pass UK emissions tests but we also offer De-Cats if preferred

Finally, STILLEN Air Intakes are a popular choice and these give decent performance gains and liven the noise from the V6 Engine.

Most 370z Owners will see about 350BHP with an Exhaust, Sports Cat and an intake fitted and a remap to further increase power and stabilise any power gains.


 All prices are correct at time of Blog and are subject to change, you can see sound clips of all these parts on various video channels on the internet or get yourself to a meet or a show, we have plenty of customers using the set ups above and they are all tried and tested.