We are always looking at ways to improve 350z's and 370z's, we have found that changing an exhaust makes a difference then changing to high flow cats makes an even bigger difference so we went about getting out own Tarmac Sportz ones developed. We have had high flow cats made that are road legal and been tested on both 350z DE and 370z HR and both passed within regulations.

Tarmac Sportz High Flow Cats, Sports Cats, HFCs, Catalytic Converters. Whatever you want to call them they are here and they maximize air flow to give your DE more power, our HFCs are a Euro 200 Cell Spiral Wound Metallic Substrate for maximum air flow and performance.

You will notice an increase in noise when fitted to your car, they become especially lively around 3k revs, they can be fitted with forced induction vehicles however no warranty is provided and we would recommend decats. Our HFCs come with an extra 02 sensor bung should you want to run wide band gauges, on average you should see gains of around 15bhp with HFCs, check out our power packages as well, Plenum spacer, panel filter and a set of HFCs will usually see around a 25bhp increase