The 4th Round of the British Drift Championship made an explosive return to the NEC at Birmingham. This is only the 2nd time the BDC has done a competitive round at the NEC, it sees a custom layout on the outside of the Halls using part of their road network and adding many walls for clipping points.

This layout allows for very little room for error with every corner covered in concrete walls and the straight littered with metal barriers and kerbs. But this means that every driver has to go in fully committed every time giving you some amazing driving and battles.

On the Friday before the event there was a practice day which saw amazing sunshine, 28 degrees and lots of smoke. With this all the drivers were having and amazing time and getting their lines right ready for the competition over the weekend.

Then Saturday arrived, heavy rain, dark clouds and no end in sight. This meant all the practice that was done on the Friday was pointless as they had to relearn entry speeds, transitions and clipping points, due to this there was a slight line change to allow the drivers to wash a little bit wider into the centre of track to carry the speed they had from clips 1 to 2 and 3.

On the Saturday the Pro-am’s went out for practice, qualifying and battles. William Hanna had already proven himself a lot this year and in the wet his “Boat” R33 Skyline seemed to be perfectly at home, and this weekend proved to be no different. He managed to qualify in the top 10 just behind team mates Luke Barker and Ian Rutherford.

Ian had managed to get his car set perfectly for the wet and worsening conditions and qualified in 3rd place and looked like he was ready to go all the way. Luke also managed to put in an amazing run which put him 7th 3 points ahead of Willam. This gave Team Tarmac an amazing start to the weekend with all Pro-Am drivers going onto battle. To make us even happier good friend Sean Chessum in his freshly battle scared new liveried S15 got inside the top 32.

In battles the weather didn’t look like it was going to change which meant the NEC was just turning into a Lake which meant tricky conditions for the drivers. In the top 32 all 3 Team Tarmac drivers had hard battles but all 3 progressed into the Top 16.

In the top 16 unfortunatly Luke and Ian both lost there respective battles but William managed to get the win and move into the great 8. William then fought hard in his great 8 battle to move into the top 4 where he unfortunately lost due to a couple of errors which put him in the battle for 3rd and 4th where he came out vicorious with 3rd place on the podium and more silverware. After the success of Team Tarmac in the Pro-am’s we were looking forward to what Bizz and William would do in the Pro’s, William was able to join the Pro’s due to finishing in the top 4 again. Unfortunately the weather again was not on our side with what looked like none stop rain and tricky conditions.

During practice both Bizz and William were doing well having consistent runs and good lines, the conditions didn’t change during practice and qualifying which meant they could keep the consistency going. This was shown when with William put in an incredible run scoring an 84.67 in the Pro class getting him 3rd. This was followed by Bizz in 10th with good runs and looking very consistent and ready for battle.

The battles saw William get and automatic pass into the top 16 due to qualifying in the top 8 and Bizz fought hard in his battle to join William in the top 16. Bizz was up first and after a scrappy battle he just managed to get the win and progress into the Great 8, next was William who made a few too many errors and handed the win to Adam Simmons.

In the Great 8 Bizz Ian had a great battle against Alister Sutton but unfortunately dropped wheels on his lead run which lead to him loosing the battle. This finished the weekend for Team Tarmac but due to how well the whole team did Team Tarmac won the constructors for the round and are now joint leaders in the championship.