We recently acquired a 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe a few months ago and over the last month, we have done some work on it in preparation for shows next year. 

Firstly, we converted the Front Drum Brakes to Willwood Brake Discs and Pads with Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines. We also added electronic ignition and changed the Spark Plugs and HT Leads to get the engine running better before we improved the engine with a new fueling system. The power steering was removed as the set up was faulty and was intermittent when driving.



We have a lot planned for the Mustang, mainly parts for the engine bay, such as Edelbrock Valve covers and a new 4-Hole Carburettor (also from Edelbrock), all in chrome to give the engine bay that Classic American Feel.

We will also be doing the "Shelby Drop" which involves lowering the mounting point of the upper control arms which lowers the front end by an inch.

The Mustang may also be wearing a set of US Mags wheels which will soon be available on the Tarmac Sportz Website, featuring designs that will suit any classic car.


BLOG UPDATE: 5th October 2018

Since the last update, we have done the shelby drop on the Mustang and what a difference it has made, just by lowing the mounting point of the suspension arms, the front end has dropped approximately 1.5-2"



This drop has given the Mustang a more aggressive look and a better all-round appearance and all of us here at Tarmac Sportz were surprised with how much better it looks now without the arch gap


 Next up on the list of things to do will be the new Edelbrock carburettor and valve covers, as well as some new headers and a quick tune of the fueling and ignition, to bring some life back into this old pony.