After months and months of design, testing and mould work, Tarmac Sportz are happy to announce the imminent release of our new 350z side louvres.

Unlike other side louvres our design has a 6 rib louvre effect designed to match perfectly with the shape, curve and contours of the 350z.

Our Louvres are made of extremely lightweight and durable ABS plastic and finished in gloss black ready to install directly onto your car (We recommend using Tiger Seal or similar – not included)

Benefits of buying our Tarmac Sportz 350z side louvres:

  • Light weight
  • Pre Finished black
  • No prepping, priming, painting required
  • Perfect fitment
  • Adds a sleek and sporty look


Not only is our product the best design on the market it is also the best value with zero prep work, just install and your good to go!

We are currently offering an early bird pre-order sale on eBay, best offer price is set to accept at £125, limited quantity available at this price so be quick – RRP price is £150