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Body kits are both a way of making your car stand out in a bold and brash way, but they also improve the performance of your vehicle - spoilers, diffusers and splitters let you take advantage of physics and unlock greater speeds for your car.

Aerokit are very much aware of the statement that a body kit makes - you have a bit of an obsession with cars and you’re not afraid to show it. Tarmac Sportz have a similar outlook on life, so we get along pretty well with them. Please have a proper browse of the range of Areokit parts we’ve got on sale.

Aerokit Bodykits

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A company of enthusiasts

Areokit are Europe’s largest manufacturers of bodykits, bumpers, sideskirts, arches, diffusers, fenders, over fenders and much, much more. The company started in 1999 when a group of like-minded car enthusiasts decided to get together and make parts. They had an aesthetic focus - an artistic streak, if you will - and the body of the car took precedence. They wanted cars to look as good as they felt.

Clearly, other people share their view - the company has since expanded massively and they sell parts all over the world, in 50 different countries. Because the company is made up of petrol heads, they’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about their products, but don’t be surprised if chats last a bit longer than you expected - they share your passion for cars. Their mission objective is ‘To supply premium high quality styling enhancements without unnecessary additional costs.

High-quality and durable body kits

They pride themselves on only using the highest quality composites that won’t fall apart when you need them. We’re onboard with this, since we’ll never sell you anything that we wouldn’t put on our cars. Body kits should be durable enough to stay attached to the vehicle and spoilers, diffusers and splitters should actually produce the downforce that they are advertised to.

All of their products are put together in-house, by a team of experienced and qualified technicians that are as passionate about speed as you. Their universal body kits come with a variety of accessories to attach them securely to a huge number of different cars; spoiler blade mounts, end plates, leg and stand mounts. And, because they’re UK-Based, Aerokit never run out of body kits or parts, because they can just manufacture more - there will never be a situation in which parts aren't shipped in time because they’re from another country.

Harness the power of downforce

The team at Areokit are very aware of the properties of air resistance and downforce - that’s what their splitters, spoilers and diffusers are all taking advantage of. As your car gets faster, lift is applied to it, and it attempts to take off. However, because your car doesn’t have wings it won’t actually get any air, but this force does take away some of the forward force, limiting its speed and acceleration. Areokit’s body kits create downforce, which keeps your car’s nose to the ground and letting you get more out of your car (at the same time, making your car look much cooler).