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When you start talking about engine conversions you’re definitely past the stage of being a casual enthusiast - this is invasive surgery. You’re gearing up to do a heart transplant on your car and you want to do it perfectly. That’s where Sikky come in. They’ve got a fantastic range of engine swap kits that are designed to make this mammoth task a bit more manageable.

Here at Tarmac Sportz, we’re a bunch of proper petrolheads, but even we admit that engine conversions rarely happen without a hitch. It’s a complicated process that can be as frustrating as it is rewarding, and that’s why we love Sikky’s range of engine swap kits so much - it really opens up engine conversion to a more casual (though still pretty hardcore) enthusiast.

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Passion, expertise and experience

These guys have a combined experience of over 30 years, in design, manufacture and racing. They design their kits for enthusiasts, because they, themselves, use all the products that they make so of course they want them to work, and work well. Quality is what we care most about at Tarmac Sportz and Sikky feel the same - we’ll only ever sell you the highest quality components, that we’d put in our own cars.

They’re a bunch of tinkerers - always adding to and innovating, which is good news for you guys, since they’ll always be improving their products. In their own words, ‘Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, precise fitment for a demanding racing and aftermarket industry.’

Unbeatable quality and the latest in tech innovation

Sikky means business when it comes to making engine conversion the simplest and easiest it can possibly be. When you do an engine swap yourself, without a kit, you’ve got to worry about so many things:

  • Engine alignment - will the new one fit where it’s supposed to, in terms of height, width and length? Sikky’s swap kits are designed to make sure that the new engine will fit snugly under the hood of your car.
  • Are the existing components compatible with the new engine? There’s nothing worse than spending several hours removing the old engine, replacing it with the new and then finding out that your car doesn’t work properly. Whereas competitors try and retrofit off-the-shelf parts to work with different engines, with mixed results, Sikky swap kits come with bespoke components that have been designed to work with the engine in question.
  • Weight distribution - sometimes your car’s other parts (most notably, the suspension) won’t be able to handle the weight of a new engine, due to poor weight distribution. This can lead to serious damage and high costs down the line - don’t take risks with engine swapping, use a Sikky engine conversion kit.

All of Sikky’s LS engine swap kits are put together using the latest equipment and processes - they’re experts in CAD/CAM and CNC machining. These techniques, along with the best materials, will ensure consistency with OEM fit and function. Top quality motor mounts are essential to any high performance car. By using Sikky mounts you are guaranteed to have the correct alignment, precise fit, and the highest strength possible. Engine conversions are a tricky business, so why not make it as simple and safe as possible?