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Performance Clutches, Clutch Kits and Drivetrain Components

In order for any performance vehicle to perform at optimal levels, it needs to be supplied with quality components. It is often what takes place "behind the scenes" that will make all of the difference in the world between a white-knuckle ride and an average encounter. Tarmac Sportz has been a trusted provider of performance parts and accessories since 2010 and this very same attention to detail has gone into the selection of clutches and drivetrains currently supplied to dedicated enthusiasts. Let's take a quick look at what you can expect when choosing a performance clutch alongside several benefits when working with our team of experts.

All Under One Virtual Roof

There are many times when an owner is looking to completely refurbish a car from the ground up. In this case, he or she will often choose from the variety of clutch kits that we have to offer. To increase efficiency and handling, each collection is intended for specific needs. These include:

  • Street performance.
  • Street and track requirements.
  • Dedicated racing vehicles.

The materials used within a performance clutch kit will also vary. Single or twin plates may be chosen. Organically sprung models are available as well as ceramic designs. Single, twin or triple configurations can be selected based upon the needs of the owner (often important when addressing racing requirements). Either way, these packages provide high torque capacity, better temperature tolerance and faster clutch engagement.

Individual Accessories

Tarmac Sportz offers a host of clutch accessories for instances when an entire rebuild is not necessary. As always, brand-name reliability is never a concern. Russell, ARK Performance, Xtreme Clutch, Exedy and StopTech are some examples of what clients can expect. Individual needs will vary and we have gone out of our way to provide every component imaginable within a single category. Some accessories to select can include:

  • Flywheels and counterweights.
  • Clutch and flywheel combinations.
  • Reverse lockout levers.
  • Bushings.
  • Individual clutch lines.
  • Heavy-duty transmission mounts.

From a one-off replacement to a complete overhaul, these and other products will keep any car firing on all cylinders.

Drivetrain and Other Accessories

We also supply a number of drivetrain parts specifically designed for performance vehicles. Short throw shifters, supports and entire packages are available. Other necessary items such as clutch fluid and shifter adapters are likewise close by.

All of the products offered by Tarmac Sportz have been specifically engineered for this demanding industry. High-quality forged steel, CNC-machined aluminium and an ability to comply with OEM specifications are some of the other advantages to be enjoyed by those who are not satisfied with anything less than the very best.

Whether you need to purchase a complete performance clutch package or a single component, Tarmac Sportz is always here to help. Let's also not forget to mention that fuel and ignition systems, electronic devices, service parts and complete exterior body kits are all available within only a few clicks.

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