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Quality Air Intake Kits from Tarmac Sportz

Even the most tricked out performance vehicle will fail to impress if it is not provided with an adequate air supply. In this way, such cars are much like finely tuned athletes. This is the main reason why serious enthusiasts require air intake kits of the highest calibre. Not only must specific designs be utilised for specific cars, but reliability and longevity will help to maximise fuel consumption. Tarmac Sportz supplies a wide range of performance filters and when petrol-pumping power is a necessity, these products will not let you down. Let us take a closer look at this collection.

Only the Latest Technology from Well-Known Brands

Generic parts and accessories have no part within the world of modern performance vehicles. So, shoppers can expect only the best when working together with Tarmac Sportz. Some of the names which we currently supply include:

  • Perrin
  • AFE
  • Injen
  • Takeda
  • K&N

Users can therefore remain fully confident that they are receiving quality filters and similar accessories. It is also important to mention that these items are offered at extremely competitive prices. Those who may be on a limited budget will not be disappointed.

Built Around the Needs of the Performance Car Industry

High-performance engines require an adequate supply of oxygen in order to maximise their levels of power and fuel efficiency. These air intake kits have been designed around such an important concept. Whether referring to ram air intakes, cold kits, inlet pipes or drop-in filters, on-demand energy is available when needed the most. These features are then enhanced through proprietary technology and advanced machining to provide the driver with cutting edge control. This is just as important throughout a competitive event as it is during normal cruising conditions.

Performance Air Filters: Deflating the Competition

One of the main principles behind these filters is to offer superior levels of cold air flow to the engine and its various components. As turbulence is also reduced, the engine will be protected against undue levels of wear and tear. Still, most drivers are more concerned with access to additional on-demand power capabilities. The benefits here cannot be taken lightly. For example, the twin short ram intakes provided by Injen are able to add up to 13 horsepower when compared to an engine utilising a stock filter. This is only one of the many kits offered by Tarmac Sportz.

Accessories and More

Besides supplying performance air filters, drivers can also select from many individual items that are just as trustworthy. Some examples here will include:

  • Air intake snorkels.
  • Angled plenum spacers.
  • Throttle body spacers.
  • Full intercooler pipe kits.
  • Entire intake manifolds.

Shoppers will also be very happy to know that the majority of these items will be shipped within five to nine working days. Should you have any additional questions, please contact one of our trained representatives for further assistance.

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