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Unleash Your Vehicle’s True Power with Link Engine Management Systems – Now Supplied by Tarmac Sportz

Tarmac Sportz is proud to be able to say that we now offer the Link ECUs and Link engine management systems in all of their forms. From the entry level Link G4+ Atom II, which features 4 fuel and ignition channels (perfect for 4 cylinder engines), to the top of the range Xtreme ECU, which offers a wide range of features, inputs and outputs.

Plug In ECUs

We also offer Link’s range of Plug In ECUs, including models for the popular Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota cars, making it even easier to change your engine management and tune your car to its maximum power and potential.

All Link ECUs are designed and developed in New Zealand and come with a limited lifetime warranty. All of these models are covered. If an ECU breaks during the course of its designed use, it will be repaired or replaced with absolutely no questions asked.

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Winning ECUs

Link as a company and their products as a whole have come a very long way since their inception in 1991. Three race car fans who had a hobby for crafting their own race cars began to make their engine control units available to buy.

In a few short years, legendary rally driver, Peter “Possum” Bourne, adopted Link ECUs for his own use. With the help of these engine management systems, Bourne continued winning races and in turn, the world began to witness just how great they were.

Many champion racers have followed suit and Link products have been used to tune up cars and win competitive events for years. A quarter of a century of research and development has allowed the company to continually improve on their already impressive offering of control units.

Tarmac Sportz now offers you the chance to implement proven, world class quality in your own car. Laden in prestige and history, Link engine management is a sure-fire way to get every last ounce of performance for your vehicle.

Perfect for All Vehicles

Our range of products contains units for just about every make and model of performance vehicle. With products specifically designed to be compatible with distinct vehicles as well as universal components and items, you’ll find everything you need right here.

To complement the Link engine control units available, Tarmac Sportz offers an extensive range of relevant accessories, driving displays, tuning tools and ignition and injection parts. Whatever you need to get the extra mile out of your performance vehicle, you’re in the right place to get it right here.

Onwards and Upwards

With such incredible products capable of transforming even the most already powerful of vehicles, it’s easy to see why Link remains an extremely popular choice in the world of performance cars. From humble beginnings, solely for rally driving, to the booming present day multipurpose offerings, the company has adapted with the times and strive to carry on doing so.

Find the products for your car by using the Supported Cars menu and begin to plan your new tuned-up vehicle. It might just be the most exhilarating thing you ever do.