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  1. Vortech Superchargers Now Available at Tarmac Sportz

    The Full Range of Vortech Superchargers are now available at Tarmac Sportz!!

    Superchargers are designed to give your car that extra boost in performance and can be used for any application, from the daily driver, to the high-performance track car.

    We have been selling Vortech Superchargers for years and we have only received excellent feedback from our customers, we even had a Vortech Supercharger on our Toyota GT86 a few years ago so we know how reliable and powerful they are.

    The Vortech Systems are available in 2 Package: Complete, which comes with everything required and Tuner, which doesnt include the ECM Calibration or Fuel Components so will need to be remapped professionally. We also sell the superchargers individually, without any piping or components so you can create your own custom setup.

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  2. Invidia Gemini R400 Exhausts Now Available at Tarmac Sportz

    Invidia have recently released their Gemini R400 Exhausts and they are now available to purchase at Tarmac Sportz.

    The Gemini R400 Exhaust system is designed to fill in the gap between the existing Q300 and the N1 exhaust systems that Invidia offer. They feature a deep exhaust note and high flow layout, designed to optimise engine performance, producing an aggressive sound but not creating harsh cabin noises.

    These Cat-Back Exhausts are available for the GT86/BRZ, WRX and STI and can be found below:

    Click Here for the Subaru WRX & STI Hatchback Exhaust with Stainless Steel Tips


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  3. Tarmac Sportz BDC Round 2

    The Tarmac Sportz Team at the BDC Round 2 at Teeside

    (From Left to Right): Steve Dyer, Chris Geraghty, Carl Fincham and Ian "Bizz" Phillips

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