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  1. Odinsus Air Suspension

    Coming soon, ODIN SUS is the all-new entry level air suspension brand from the team at AirREX Air Suspension. This all new brand is competitively positioned amongst other entry level brands. ODIN SUS Carries over from AirREX the company ethos of high-quality materials & ultra-high performance Air Suspension Strut Kits. The AirREX brand remains as the companies premium air suspension range.

    The kits will only include the specific sturts and shocks allowing you to put it what ever management you want. This will allow more customisability and can be more cost effective depending on what you want to build. Putting it with your own management will mean you can have it cheaper and on a manual set up or can spend the extra money on something like the Airlift 3P.

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  2. New GT86 / BRZ Lighting

    We are increasing our range of products for the Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ as we are finding these are very popular for people to modify. The newest range of products we have got is a selection of lighting for the front and rear of the cars. First up we have LED Daytime running lights for the 2013+ models, these come complete with the module and wiring.

    Next up we have smoked side repeaters, these are for 2013 models onwards

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  3. Advan Wheels Coming Soon!

    We are excited to announce that we will be selling Advan wheels soon.

    Advan are renowed for their high quality and motorsport heritage with the Yokohama brand.

    The wheels will be available in a variety of styles, sizes and fitments. Advan wheels are made to last with high durability without any sacrifice on quality with some of the range being super lightweight to optimise for fast road / track use.

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  4. Toyota Supra A90 Aftermarket Parts

    The New Toyota Supra is quickly becoming a very popular car and everyone wants to do upgrades so companies have been developing all new parts.

    APR Performance have been leveling up the looks with all new lip and spoilers kits in sexy carbon fibre

    Milltek Sport, HKS and more with Exhausts.

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  5. New GR86 and GR Yaris

    The New GR86 has just had its UK price released and we are pleasantly surprised. They are due to be retailed around the £29,999 mark which means that they are more affordable than most cars of a similar calibre.


    We are impressed with its looks and look forward to see what its performance is like and what potential the engine has for forced induction again. 

    Along side this Toyota have realised photos of the new GR Yaris 


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  6. Buying Guide for 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Hi All

    So you have just purchased a lovely 370z Nismo, you drive it for the first time and put your foot down expecting to hear all the great sounds a V6 VQ37HR Engine can produce..... then your smile changes as you realise its as quiet as an electric car. Yes the exhaust fitted from factory is a bit underwhelming and sounds a bit meh........ Not to worry thats where we come in !!

    The exhaust set up on a 370z Nismo is totally different to 370z GT. Some exhausts fit some don't. If unsure contact us as we have tried a few.

    Catalytic convertors remain the same between both models so you can purchase any that say 370z.

    Exhausts that are this style with individual cans at the rear end don't tend

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  7. Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ Smoked LA Style Tail Lights

    The All new Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ LA Style Tail Lights are here!



    These are for 2012 models onwards and are a direct fit. The wiring is fully plug and play with now cutting or customisation needed.



    The indicators are fully sequential and brake lights are in the arrows. To order your set click here


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  8. The All New JR43

    The all new JR wheel is now here, the JR43, this will be available in 18" and 19". Heres a little look at them!

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  9. Toyota GT86 Servicing

    While we're known primarily for our work on the Nissan Zed cars, you might be surprised to learn that we're Toyota GT86 specialists too! One of the first cars we ever worked on was Chris's supercharged GT86 which you might've seen at shows or on forums online.

    We're offering GT86 servicing kits which are available now to purchase! Alternatively, we also offer an in-house servicing option if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

    GT86 P1 Servicing Kit

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  10. New 350z Splitter

    Something new, something slick - introducing the Tarmac Sportz Polyurethane Front Lip!



    This splitter fits perfectly on an 03-06 pre-facelift and is due to be tested on HR's.


    It is made from Polyurethane so is flexible and still allows for ground clearance.


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