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We are all aware that performance engine tuning in these modern times involves much more than changing a few spark plugs or replacing an air filter. Instead, it is absolutely essential to employ state-of-the-art equipment along with brand names which ensure only the highest levels of quality Tarmac Sportz takes this concept very seriously and supplies our growing client base with turnkey solutions when they are needed the most. Such a wide selection also offers a greater degree of flexibility; crucial when addressing very unique requirements. What can you expect to encounter through our online store?

Reliable and Versatile Engine Tuning Parts

Performance cars rely upon a combination of accuracy and on-demand power. These beneficial aspects have now been further enhanced through the use of digital technology and bespoke electrical solutions. Whether referring to the most efficient ECU (Engine Control Unit) options or cables linking two devices, the fact of the matter is that there is no such concept as second best. This is the reason why Tarmac Sportz utilises such well-known manufacturers such as Link. Some of the features which can be controlled through these ECUs include (but might not necessarily be limited to):

  • Cylinder correction.
  • Automatic fuel tuning.
  • Digital triggering.
  • Selectable motorsport features.
  • Staged fuel injections.
  • Automatic sensor recording for future analysis.

As should be expected, different models are intended to be used in conjunction with specific vehicles. Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Holden and Mitsubishi are some manufacturers which are supported. Another benefit of these products is that the majority are fully compatible with OEM parts; saving the driver time and money when compared to having to modify several systems to accommodate a single unit.

Performance Engine Tuning Accessories

Besides offering plug-in and wired ECUs, Tarmac Sportz is able to supply the automotive enthusiast with a number of unique accessories designed to keep his or her vehicle running in top shape. For example, those who are looking to improve their fuel efficiency can select a state-of-the-art Link Wideband O2 sensor. Extra ECU cables are offered in the event that further electronic devices need to be connected. Various terminals and plugs can be excellent all-around solutions for minor modifications while additional sensors are able to monitor numerous metrics such as:

  • Oil pressure.
  • Fuel pressure.
  • Throttle position.
  • Ethanol content.

Ballast resistor packs, LED dashboard digital displays, boost control solenoids and crankshaft trigger wheels are a handful of other extremely useful options. In fact, drivers are even able to purchase a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to protect their hearing while working on a vehicle. In order to fully appreciate the wide selection of quality engine tuning parts at your disposal, please have a more in-depth look into this category at your convenience.

Besides offering performance tuning solutions, Tarmac Sportz also supplies clutches and drivetrains, brakes, fuel and ignition solutions, engine components and much more. Please contact us to learn more or to address any additional questions.

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