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Wheel Nuts & Accessories

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Wheel Nuts and Accessories

Never underestimate the importance of the little wheel nut. These little chaps will keep your wheels on, so we think they’re pretty essential, here at Tarmac Sportz. The last thing you want to happen when you’re driving on the motorway or racing round a track is for your wheel nuts to get loose or fall off - the possibilities don't bear thinking about. We want to make sure that you’ll never be in a situation like this - we’ve got a range of high-quality wheels nuts and accessories for you to look through.

An excellent range of wheel nuts

It’s amazing just how varied wheel nuts can look. Our catalogue is full of nuts that range in design and colours. All the colours of the rainbow are in our catalogue, red, yellow, black, white, silver, gold and even neon and multicolour. We know that you want to customise the look of your car, right down to the wheel nuts, so we’ve given you the absolute best selection to have a browse through. We’ve got wheels nuts for so many different cars, because having a petrol-head is a condition that can afflict drivers of all kinds.

We’ve also got a huge array of different brands in our catalogue because they each have something unique to offer our customers, in terms of products. We choose these brands because they have reputations for innovation and high-quality products:

  • Japan Racing - they have a focus on strength and low weight.
  • Muteki - expert forging just screams quality.
  • Varrstoen - they offer meticulous detail in the panting of their wheel nuts.

Many of our wheel nuts are designed to resist wear, tear and corrosion. They’re constructed from anodized 50BV30 steel, a steel with a special coat that hugely improves its anti-oxidation properties.

Accessories to enhance your vehicle

We’ve also got a brilliant selection of vehicle accessories that are sure to make your car better and easier to maintain. Our range includes wheel spacers to make the installation of larger wheels possible - we love any part that helps you add other improvements to your car. We’ve also got some excellent wheel caps that you can use to further customise the look of your wheels. As well as those, we’ve also got accessories designed to improve the lifespan of various components, such as replacement rivets and polycarbonate hub rings, designed to remove the gap between the hub and centre bore. A range of brands demonstrates ur commitment to customer choice:

  • ARP - wheels studs designed to withstand racing level conditions.
  • Blox Racing - durable, lightweight products that won’t let you down.
  • Cosmis - great looking wheel caps to improve the look of your car.

If you have any questions about our wheel nuts or accessories, or any of the other products in our extensive catalogue, then please get in touch with us. One of our passionate, knowledgeable and friendly team members will gladly have a chat with you about the look you’re going for and what you use your car for.