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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Cars Management

  1. R Division GTR Diffuser Fins

    One of our newly stocked items are rear diffuser fins for both CBA and DBA Nissan GTR Models.

    These are made to bolt under the original bumper & diffuser tray

    Below is a video on how to fit them


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  2. Mat's new 350z Track Build

    Mat at MDB Images has owned a 350z for a few years and we have had the pleasure of working along side him and supplying parts for the build. The only issue being it was never he pretiest of looking cars. When he purchased it the previous owners had rattle canned it Matte Black and took no care of the outside but underneath and mechanically it was perfect.

    So looking at that image can you believe this is the same car, as we cant. Its got a new lease of life with the added extra of being his full blown road legal tracktoy.

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