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Cars Management

  1. Buying Guide for 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Hi All

    So you have just purchased a lovely 370z Nismo, you drive it for the first time and put your foot down expecting to hear all the great sounds a V6 VQ37HR Engine can produce..... then your smile changes as you realise its as quiet as an electric car. Yes the exhaust fitted from factory is a bit underwhelming and sounds a bit meh........ Not to worry thats where we come in !!

    The exhaust set up on a 370z Nismo is totally different to 370z GT. Some exhausts fit some don't. If unsure contact us as we have tried a few.

    Catalytic convertors remain the same between both models so you can purchase any that say 370z.

    Exhausts that are this style with individual cans at the rear end don't tend

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  2. Covid-19 Business Update

    Our Online Shop is still Open

    We are Still Open for Business but are Trading online ONLY for the forseeable future untill the current epidemic is over and Government guidlines approve it is safe.
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  3. New! Hybrid Forged Concaver Wheels

    By combining cutting-edge technologies with attention to the slightest detail, Concaver are able to craft wheels which meet the highest aesthetical and performance-related requirements

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  4. Black Friday 2019

    For Black Friday we are doing a wide range of deals. Keep Checking to see the constantly updated deals on our website.

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  5. KBD Body Kits Fitting : How To

    KBD Body kits come in various shapes and sizes so we thought it was about time to do a little fitting guide for a polyurethane front bumper

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  6. New Stock

    We are always trying to get new items in stock and this week we have managed to get a range of adjustable arms.

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  7. StopTech Performance Brakes Distributer

    Tarmac Sportz are now pleased to announce that we are an official distributor for StopTech Performance Brakes

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  8. Ultimate Stance 2019

    With Project Z coming to a close we thought it was about time we took it to its first car show, Ultimate Stance.

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  9. Project Z takes a trip to Caffeine and Machine

    The weather was good, the car was ready, so we took it for a ride to Caffeine and Machine.

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