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Cars Management

  1. Advan Wheels Coming Soon!

    We are excited to announce that we will be selling Advan wheels soon.

    Advan are renowed for their high quality and motorsport heritage with the Yokohama brand.

    The wheels will be available in a variety of styles, sizes and fitments. Advan wheels are made to last with high durability without any sacrifice on quality with some of the range being super lightweight to optimise for fast road / track use.

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  2. The All New JR43

    The all new JR wheel is now here, the JR43, this will be available in 18" and 19". Heres a little look at them!

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  3. New Japan Racing Wheels

    Japan Racing have just released a new range of 3 wheels, JR39, JR40 & JR41. These are all going to be available in various fitment in 18" and 19".

    As with most Japan Racing Wheels these can be drilled to custom PCD's to suit any platform and custom offsets to make sure they fit perfectly

    Check out our Website to see their full range of wheels www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/jr-wheels-uk

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  4. New NRG Products En-Route!

    We have a new range of NRG Innovations products arriving in the UK for our official site https://www.nrg-innovations.co.uk/

    Some products coming over that we have never been able to get here in the UK including the delicious Pizza Range

    And among all that tastiness we have a selection of wheels, short hubs and quick releases so keep checking

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