Cars Management

  1. New Tarmac Sportz 350z Y Pipe

    We have been changing exhausts on 350z's for as long as we can remember and one of the biggest issues on both Standard and Aftermarket is that the flexi parts break up over time. So we have spent time developing a brand new Y pipe that has good flow but without having flexi's.

    As you can see by the joins our Y pipe comes in 3 pieces and bolts together to one solid piece meaning you can line it up perfectly. This is a perfect fit on both DE and HR models and fits all Y pipe back aftermarket exhaust systems.

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  2. Coolerworx Short Shifter

    New in at Tarmac Sportz is the Coolerworx 350z shifter, it is designed to fit in the original shifter’s place by using the direct-fit kit that is included in the set without additional work on the tunnel. The hand-assembled Coolerworx short throw shifter replaces the OEM gear shifter in order to achieve quicker and more ergonomic change of gears.

    This shifter is designed so that it can be fitted to all standard gearboxes and are made from aircraft quality aluminium and teflon bearings. It's metal parts are anodized to protect from corrosion.

    The Coolerworx shifter follows standard H pattern and has has lockable gears t

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  3. Bigger and Better!

    We are now 100% set up in the new unit with all the stock sorted ready to ship and the ramp all operational for all your fitting needs

    Our new home is far bigger and better allowing us to grow and evolve even more with more fitting services available than ever.

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  4. New Nissan 370z Nismo Style 2 bumpers for Nissan 350z

    We have been looking at what other bumpers people were looking at to update their 350z's and we found that people were loving the 370z Nis 2 so decided that would be our next one.

    Our 370z Nis style Front Bumper is a tasteful way of making your 350z look like the Version 2 370z Nismo. The item is made in the UK out of high quality fibreglass and is an excellent fit and finish. Badge recess is smoothed for a more aggressive look.

    We advise using a specialist bodyshop to fit, item is left oversized on the return flanges at the top of the bumper so will need trimming to suit, usual prep work for fibreglass required,

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  5. Pre-orders for Tarmac Sportz Nissan 370z Valved exhaust

    We have put many exhausts on 370z's over the years and wanted to make something a little different so that we could make something loud and stunning on drives but quieter around town so we decided it was time to look into new exhaust technology

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